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Wintercomfort's Christmas Appeal 2019


Wintercomfort welcomed over 836 homeless and vulnerably housed people last year to our day centre, an increase of 13% from the previous year. We provide vital services for the most vulnerable in our society preventing the hugely detrimental impact of long-term homelessness.


We are asking for your support this year to help us to continue offering our services to individuals like Nuvola, ensuring that homelessness is not the only option, positive lasting change is achievable.  


As Cambridge’s only day centre for the homeless, last year we supported 836 people who visited 21,427 individual visits to our centre. We see time and time again that homelessness is not a choice people make, often caused by relationship breakdown, poor mental and physical health, debt, addition or a combination of all of these.


Nuvola, 28,


Nuvola slept in car park in Cambridge for a number of months after unexpectedly becoming homeless. She was vulnerable on the streets as a single young woman. Nuvola initially came to Wintercomfort to use the welfare service, before signing up to complete Wintercomfort’s cleaning course she was then employed within our Social Enterprise Overstream Clean, before finding stable accommodation.


Nuvola said: “ In October I had the pleasure to start work with Overstream Clean, It has been life changing to me, I am not eligible for benefits and I needed to be able to work to survive. Working and sleeping on the streets is possible, not everyone can do it as it not easy”


Help us to support more individuals like Nuvola by donating to our Christmas Appeal below.