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As we enter November (and the second lockdown begins), now is a great time to look for some inspirational reads to warm those winter nights. 


Tom, one of our long-term Wintercomfort service users is an avid reader with a particular penchant for the Classics and poetry.  He writes poetry too.  His love of literature is one of things that has brought him great joy during a turbulent past living on the streets and battling alcoholism.  Like so many of the people who are supported by Wintercomfort, Tom is incredibly intelligent, well-educated and articulate.  With the ongoing support of Wintercomfort (and a great deal of his own hard work), Tom is now living in accommodation and working. 


Now in much better place, he still keeps close ties with Wintercomfort and his project worker Sarah. 


In a recent conversation, we hit upon the concept of a monthly Wintercomfort book review - to be written by Tom.  Not only does this feature help to break down traditional stereotypes of 'what a homeless person looks like', but it's also a great way to highlight the work that Wintercomfort does to support service users with literacy and opportunities to broaden their horizons. 


Please let us know your thoughts on Tom's chosen suggestions.  Next month, he'll be seeking out some festive reads to enjoy.  Click the link below to access the review.


Wintercomfort Reads November 2020








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