Vitalijs’ Story

Vitalijs has battled substance and alcohol addiction for many years. This has been a significant contributing factor to his homeless status, and he has experienced many years of rough sleeping.

At the outset of the pandemic in 2020, Vitalijs was involved in an accident which left him with life-changing injuries to his leg. Despite this obvious trauma, his accident and subsequent hospitalisation allowed him to address and overcome his substance dependency.

Throughout his recovery, Vitalijs relied on daily support from Wintercomfort, particularly during the lockdown restrictions. As he built trust with his project worker and the wider team, he was further able to engage with support to build a life for himself beyond homelessness.

As Vitalijs regained his mobility, he was keen to seek employment. Using funds from the Cambridge Community Foundation, Wintercomfort were able to help Vitalijs get ID documents in place to enable him to seek work. We were also able to purchase a number of essential items to help him become work-ready, including a bike lock and items of clothing.

“Wintercomfort have done so much to help me over the past two years. I am really happy to be working now and am grateful to everyone who helped me get to this position.”

Vitalijs is now doing very well, sustaining his tenancy in a shared house, and holding down two cleaning jobs, one in the Grafton Centre and one at Addenbrookes Hospital. His employers both report that they find him to be reliable and hard-working.

“Vitalijs’ work-ethic is so impressive. He realises that having steady employment is the key to achieving a better life and he is committed to doing this.”

Eleanor, Employment and Supported Volunteering Project Worker