Wintercomfort’s primary aim is to empower people with lived experience of homelessness to achieve long-lasting, positive change in their lives and to help them achieve their full potential. It is our privilege to support people in this journey, providing practical help and compassion whenever they are needed.

We are indebted to our many supporters who enable us to deliver this life-changing work. These stories are illustrations of resilience and strength of the amazing people we work with.

Vitalijs' Story

Vitalijs has battled substance and alcohol addiction for many years. This has been a significant contributing factor to his homeless status, and he has experienced many years of rough sleeping....
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James' Story

James has experienced various forms of homelessness for many years and has lived with both substance addiction and severe anxiety. Here he talks about how Wintercomfort has helped him to turn his life around....
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Stuart's Story

After spending years sleeping rough in Cambridge, Stuart is now in accommodation, in paid employment and making fantastic progress in rebuilding his life....
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Kayleigh’s Story

Kayleigh didn’t have a straightforward childhood although that’s not something she wishes to dwell upon.  Issues in her early life sadly led to poor mental health, self-harm and a pattern of alcohol and drug dependency. Here, she talks openly about how Wintercomfort is helping her towards a better future....
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Mel’s Story

Mel’s shares the tragic circumstances which contributed to her homeless status and speaks of her steps towards a more positive future, supported by Wintercomfort....
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Ricky’s Story

I caught up with Ricky at the end of a busy shift in Wintercomfort’s kitchen.  He’s been working his way steadily through a mountain of sandwiches, preparing pack-up lunches for service users currently living in temporary Covid accommodation around the city....
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Karl’s Story

Karl*, aged 27, moved to the UK from Poland over 5 years ago, working as a driver in London....
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Alex’s Story

Having been supported in his own recovery journey by Wintercomfort, Alex now volunteers as Sports Activity Facilitator working with service users to improve physical fitness and mental wellbeing. It’s his way of giving back to the team who have played such a key role in his own journey....
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