Wintercomfort provides essential welfare support for those most in need. Our welfare support includes free daily breakfast and cooked lunch for rough sleepers, laundry services, toilets, showers and fresh clothing.

“It is a great enjoyment to serve and cook for people at Wintercomfort, in the same way I would like to be served and made to feel valued. Our team loves feeding people and making them happy through what they eat.”

Luis, our Catering Manager

Welfare Support

Our focus is on providing a varied menu which is always tasty, filling and nutritious. We endeavour to work with fresh, seasonal produce wherever possible and cater for a full range of dietary requirements. Special dates and festivities representing our diverse population are always marked accordingly, reinforcing a sense of belonging and community.

Our weekly spend on ingredients to support our community is £375.00.

People have daily access to showers, toiletries, laundry services, clothing and footwear – helping people to maintain a sense of dignity and self-respect.

You can support our work to provide daily meals and hygiene services for the homeless community by making a financial donation or by checking our Amazon Wishlists to purchase items we currently need.

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I don't know what Cambridge would be like without Wintercomfort. They do so much to help so many.